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LYRICS: Blaklez – Leather Face Lyrics

Blaklez – Leather Face Lyrics

Lyrics Of Leather Face By Blaklez



It’s cool, it’s all good
Mmm, my little leather face
I like it when I say
When I say
Aah yes

[Verse 1]
Ooh wee
I’m dope like blue cheese
I’m a star bitch,
Don’t be asking who’s he
This girl a re o kopa a new weave
Why am I addicted to girls that wanna use me!
Jesu, kopa utlo ba thusa
Like, views from the six
I’m back from the future
Words of gold when I spit I throw jewels up
You suck, try to get your dry ass to juice up
Remember when Dine tried to ruin me
Called me a dog
what’s with the animal cruelty
Said I’d be done once she was through with me
Said: “You are nothing at all without me nigga, you will see”
But I’m still standing today
Every show that I slay
Motherfuckers pay me more than 20k
The lesson is be careful who you sleep with
Cause who you sleep with
Might just sell the world, all your secrets

What the f*ck’s up!
A lil Jesus Christ mixed with some leather face
Turn me up some
A lil Jesus Christ mixed with some leather face
What the f*ck’s up!
A lil Jesus Christ mixed with some leather face
Turn me up some
A lil Jesus Christ mixed with some leather face (x3)

[Verse 2]
Rap used to be a voice for the people
Now it’s become a playground for the feeble
No backbone having muhfuckers, we see you
You living off the bullsh*t that the industry feeds you
When you original, they hate
Do I gotta do exactly as they say
Do I gotta dance, dab, do the nae nae
Or do I gotta be a fake Khalifa or fake Drake
We can’t all eat from the same plate
Cause some of these suckers just eat without saying grace
Captain of my ship, I’ve seen many may days
But I never compromise my passengers for a payday
Hey hey
Bitch niggas
Sober up before the Brandy overshadows you like Ray J
Cocky as hell
Cause I’m a rhyme slayer
Don’t particularly feel like being a payola payer


[Verse 3]
Aah yes
They bow from us
They know that we got Mo Faya
They a bunch of cigarettes smokers that got no lighters
Getting salutes from the youngins to the old timers
Over here writing for your ghost writer, ghost writer
Rich get richer
But poverty is having us
Government officials are brand ambassadors
What’s going on here?
They don’t give half a f*ck about the people
Shit goes wrong
They wanna pass the buck
Celebrities telling us
Who they go out with
Post pictures on Instagram, showing off outfits
Running to the socials, making announcements
Please quit flapping your mouth, bitch
You gotta know that I’m part of the best crew
Bless you
If you thinkin’ I’m something to step to
I’m that dude
I ain’t following no damn rules
If you wanna rumble
Better brush up your dance moves



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